The Nokinketer

"Vitalizing Mokokchung"


The word “Nokinketer” means “Warrior” in the Ao Naga language.

The Nokinketer were the vanguard who brought security, prestige, honour and prosperity to the people with the power of their ‘nok’ (dao). Now the times have changed and the power of the ‘nok’ and might have now transformed to the power of the pen and knowledge.

Welcome to The Nokinketer

We envisage that just as the Nokinketer of our forefathers’ time were highly respected and loved by the villagers, so also this venture called “The Nokinketer” with the motto “Vitalizing Mokokchung” would strive to attain such success and merits to win the same respect and love accorded to our ancestral nokinketer by the people. 

Recent Post

Clark MHS School, Impur

Information… This is to inform to all the Alumni of Clark Memorial Higher Secondary School, Impur that the school is celebrating its glorious 125th anniversary on 6th of November 2020 at 11:00 Am. Due to the unprecedented situation individual invitation cannot be served to all however, all are requested to take this as an official […]

Mkg dist kübok Amur Falcon ozü metepsettsü ozüng agütsür

Mokokchung district kübok awashi memetetba nisung kari ‘Amur Falcons’ ozü akahba aser apuba osang district administration dangi osang aruogo. Amur Falcons ya Wildlife Protection Act 1972 kübok wazüka ayuba ozü lir, anungji, tachitsü atema mesüra tanga tim masüba nung iba ozü akahba, apuba, tepsetba mesüra ayokbaji ozüng anema lir aser iba nung aibelenerji küm 3 […]

Sentilong Ozüküm’s Dreams & Chaos Officially launched

The much awaited sequel to the novel Campus Blues written by Sentilong Ozüküm titled ‘Dreams & Chaos’ was formally launched at the Urban Hub Café by the Book Club of Jubilee Memorial College, Mokokchung.  Speaking at the programme, Sentilong Ozüküm  said that the novel was an attempt at portraying the alienation and hopelessness felt by […]