The Nokinketer

"Vitalizing Mokokchung"


The word “Nokinketer” means “Warrior” in the Ao Naga language.

The Nokinketer were the vanguard who brought security, prestige, honour and prosperity to the people with the power of their ‘nok’ (dao). Now the times have changed and the power of the ‘nok’ and might have now transformed to the power of the pen and knowledge.

Welcome to The Nokinketer

We envisage that just as the Nokinketer of our forefathers’ time were highly respected and loved by the villagers, so also this venture called “The Nokinketer” with the motto “Vitalizing Mokokchung” would strive to attain such success and merits to win the same respect and love accorded to our ancestral nokinketer by the people. 

Recent Post

‘Mkg Growth Centre’ ajanga dist nübur nem lenla balala nung maongka lapoktsür…

Mokokchung nung tang nüburtemi kanga bulua jembiba riju kaji ‘Mokokchung Growth Centre’ ya asütsü. Iba centre ajanga “strive to live” omen nung ajemdaker kaketshirtem nem India lima talangi moi pei atep nung mener digital technology (V-SAT) ajanga tangalen ama chichiba education agütsüba maparen inyaker. Iba maparen ya Mokokchung district atemabo otsüsütsüsa mezüngbuba lir. Tangji iba […]

Launching of a book titled “Akumli Tongpang”

On  the afternoon of Wednesday, Jan  6, 2021, an enthusiastic crowd of people gathered together in Longsa Village, in celebration of an important event: the  launching  of a book titled “Akümli  Tongpang ”,  An Autobiography written by Er. C. Kazukaba Jamir, SDO Retd. Dimapur, which was host at Longsa Baptist Church Conference hall. During the […]

Mopungchuket Tourism partially reopens

The Mopungchuket Community Tourism Society (MCTS) is pleased to announce that Mopungchuket Tourism is now partially reopening after remaining closed since March 2019 in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. As part of the partial reopening, Süngkotenem Park will remain open from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM to visitors all days of the week […]