The Nokinketer

"Vitalizing Mokokchung"


The word “Nokinketer” means “Warrior” in the Ao Naga language.

The Nokinketer were the vanguard who brought security, prestige, honour and prosperity to the people with the power of their ‘nok’ (dao). Now the times have changed and the power of the ‘nok’ and might have now transformed to the power of the pen and knowledge.

Welcome to The Nokinketer

We envisage that just as the Nokinketer of our forefathers’ time were highly respected and loved by the villagers, so also this venture called “The Nokinketer” with the motto “Vitalizing Mokokchung” would strive to attain such success and merits to win the same respect and love accorded to our ancestral nokinketer by the people. 

Recent Post

DC & DEO Mkg notification on election training schedules

Deputy Commissioner and District Election Officer Mokokchung, Shashank Pratap Singh IAS, has notified all government employees under Mokokchung District assigned for election duty as Presiding Officer, 1st Polling Officer, 2nd Polling Officer, 3rd Polling Officer, and Grade IV Staff in connection to the conduct of the ensuing general election to the 14th Nagaland Legislative Assembly…

Clean Election dang Masü Clean Voters akümtsü Nungdaker: Khrista Tiyongtsü Südaktsüba Voter Dangi

                     (From Clean Election to Clean Voters: A Christ-centered voter) ~ Tiatoshi Longkümer, Kohima Okila: Joko state election term asem shi (about 15 years) clean election indang NBCC/ABAM-i anir kanga jembia arudagi. Aser asenok ajaki metet, temelenshiba karbosa iba clean election campaign ajanga bener arutsüogo ta reprangteter. Iba asoshi Tsüngrem tenung asanger. Aser ano aika…

BJP Government masü ochishir ajanga dang terenlok

~Dr. Imtisangba Longchar Naga nunger politician aser party worker-tem BJP ticket hon amai raktepba mapang ka lir.  Parnok ola angadang nung tongtibang kuli kar: (a) Naga nunger teimbai BJP aginür/meimer (b) Modi-Amit Shah leadership ajungba agi (c) Development program sentong ajungba agi (e) BJP aru nung dang Assam, AP, etc ama renloka aotsü (f) Nagaland…