The Nokinketer

"Vitalizing Mokokchung"


The word “Nokinketer” means “Warrior” in the Ao Naga language.

The Nokinketer were the vanguard who brought security, prestige, honour and prosperity to the people with the power of their ‘nok’ (dao). Now the times have changed and the power of the ‘nok’ and might have now transformed to the power of the pen and knowledge.

Welcome to The Nokinketer

We envisage that just as the Nokinketer of our forefathers’ time were highly respected and loved by the villagers, so also this venture called “The Nokinketer” with the motto “Vitalizing Mokokchung” would strive to attain such success and merits to win the same respect and love accorded to our ancestral nokinketer by the people. 

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Downright effrontery of some “national workers” are indescribable. At a time when Mokokchung is, as is the whole world, fighting the pandemic and barely keeping the wheels of economic activity in motion; when the business ecosystem has been abruptly disrupted and traders have been forced to bear the brunt of prolonged lockdowns; when the susceptible […]

Taiwan Baptist Arogo nung inyakba ajangshiba aser inyakyim

~ Imliyanger Jamir Okila Tenzüker ajak dangi Yisu temiem salam abener. Kü tenung Imliyanger Jamir aser ni Chuchuyimpang nunger lir. Dimapur nung soa intet aser Dimapur Ao Baptist Arogo nung (town fellowship) züngsem lir. Kü kinüngtsu ya Taiwan tsür (Han) aser Tsüngremi tebur tanur ana  moaja küm 2015 nungi Taiwan nung   Tsüngrem tenzüka arudagi. Küm […]