The Nokinketer

"Vitalizing Mokokchung"


The word “Nokinketer” means “Warrior” in the Ao Naga language.

The Nokinketer were the vanguard who brought security, prestige, honour and prosperity to the people with the power of their ‘nok’ (dao). Now the times have changed and the power of the ‘nok’ and might have now transformed to the power of the pen and knowledge.

Welcome to The Nokinketer

We envisage that just as the Nokinketer of our forefathers’ time were highly respected and loved by the villagers, so also this venture called “The Nokinketer” with the motto “Vitalizing Mokokchung” would strive to attain such success and merits to win the same respect and love accorded to our ancestral nokinketer by the people. 

Recent Post

Cultural Festival Held at Mokokchung

Mokokchung, 29th Sept (Nokinketer News): Celebrating the theme “Igniting Cultural Traditions” a one day Tribal festival was held at District Cultural Office Complex, Mokokchung on 29th Sept., 2022 organized by the District Cultural Office, Mokokchung and Department of Art & Culture. Highlight of the days program include cultural presentation from Associates for Performing Arts and […]

Mkg Town Ao Baptist Churches Mission-i alcoholic recovery retreat ka katsü

Mokokchung Town Ao Baptist Churches Mission (MTABCM)-i ayongzüka “chidiyungdiba nungi takok anguba” (victory over addiction) omen dak rangloker ‘alcoholic recovery retreat’ ta sür sentong tajung ka Sept 27&28 anogo ananü Yimyu Baptist Arogo tenla kidang katsüogo.   Iba sentong nung arogo balala nungi parnok 170 shi aden. Iba sentong nung shisalen sayurji Dimapur Ao Baptist […]

Sb. Temjenmoa Jamir-i Mokokchung nung basketball court ka yanglutsü

Nagaland Minerals & Mines Proprietor, Temjenmoa Jamir-i 26th Sept aonung yangi Imkongmeren Sports Complex Mokokchung nung basketball court tasen ka lapoktsüogo. Iba court ya pai tenla tulu agüja yanglutsüba lir. Iba mapa inyaktsü maongka ngutetba asoshi pelaba den Mokokchung nung lanur sempet aketer jenti angur saka sabang maka, aser lanurtem sempetbo lir saka machimajemtsü nung […]