By Liyan Aier

Mokokchung, “the land pioneers” is one of the most vibrant and happening district in Nagaland. One can feel the pulse of the district not only in the beautiful, green and serene surroundings but also in each and every citizen of this mesmerizing town. Mokokchung is also considered as one of the most advanced districts in North Eastern part of India. Mokokchung holds a distinct place in the history of Nagaland as pioneers in the field of education, social, religious and political advancement. Arguably speaking in reality, Mokokchung holds the record of being the ‘FIRST ‘in various fields thereby making the people of Mokokchung the “TRENDSETTERS” as the people of Mokokchung has the knack of doing things which others don’t do. Not only that, Mokokchung has produced great luminaries in the past who have sacrificed and contributed their talents of leadership and directions for the people of Nagaland such as Late Aliba Imti, Late P Shilu Ao, Late Imkongmeren, Late Dr. T Ao, Late Imlong Chang, Late Nivukhu, Late Khelhoshe Sema, Late Imkongliba, Late Mayangnockcha, Late N.I jamir and many other pioneers.  

Leaving aside all these introduction about Mokokchung, one would be amazed to witness the multi-religious and cultural communities living in peaceful co-existence without compromise as the dreaded word “ISM” is absent within the realm of Mokokchung . It also adds an ecumenical fervor to the district’s social life and one can be amazed to witness the perfect blend of different cultures co-existing in harmony. On Friday evening, the prayers at the mosque echoes placidly amongst the surrounding hills and on every given Sundays, the church bell rings regularly serenely, calling the faithful  to the alter and in the evening the reverberating chanting of the Marwaris fills the air of the main town, sounding the harmonious co-existence of multi-religious and cultural representations in Mokokchung. Lastly, with all humility, I pray that  every Mokokchungians will continue to maintain and uphold the great tradition of the spirit of Mokokchung in all respect and vow to re-affirm and re-dedicate ourselves to carry on the legacy of our Fore fathers who have truly build Mokokchung  into a Unique Paradise on this face of the Earth. KUKNALIM.