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I want to address the public of Nagaland not to panic for any shortage of supply of Fish, Pig or Poultry and Dairy product. The Government of Nagaland Department of Planning & Co-Ordination has sanctioned enough fund for setting up of the following below mentioned Projects for the last 10 years (2009-10 to 2018-19) for the people of Nagaland. If you experience any shortfall of above mentioned commodities/foods, you can ask or purchase these items from the below mentioned proprietors as per the information furnished to the under signed by the Department through subsequent RTI reply RTI No.PLN/M-665/19 Dated Kohima, the 27th September and No.PLN/M-665/19 Dated Kohima, the 28th October 2019. I as an activist have not understood as to functioning of the Planning Department. How could the Planning Department sanction such huge amount liberally, without the processing through the nodal Department likes Fisheries and Veterinary & Animal Husbandry? Secondly, it may be seen from the statement furnished below that some projects were implemented by the Department without the name/ proper address of the beneficiaries and also the place where the same were implemented.

Sl.NoName of the ProjectName of the Beneficiaries.PlaceAmount Rs in Lakh
1Setting up of Piggery farm at Potterland Kohima.Shri.ZotuoKohimaRs.3.00
2Fishery Farm at KohimaVisielhouKohimaRs.5.00
3Setting up of Piggery farmVenuKohimaRs.3.00
4Construction of Fishery Pond at KachanyuGwakvu SemuKohimaRs.5.00
5Setting up of Piggery farmAmugha, D’ Block KohimaKohimaRs.1.00
6Poultry farm at KohimaNukungerKohimaRs.1.00
7Development of Fishery Pond at P.Khel Kohima (E/W3247.36 Cum)Kruzakie KohimaKohimaRs.10.00
8Development of Fish hatching Pond at Viswema Village KohimaZaku ViswemaKohimaRs.10.00
9Integrated community Based Fishery, Poultry and Piggery Project at Rengmapani Village Bordering AssamBinthonlo TsemenyuKohimaRs.100.00
10Fishery Pond at Sechu KohimaM.KhotuoKohimaRs.50.00
11Integrated Poultry, Fishery & Dairy Farming Lerie Kohima.LhouviKohimaRs.100.0
12Construction of Fishery at Zulzu ViswemaPuzhohoKohimaRs.30.00
13Multi Farming Guji Kohima KohimaRs.30.00
14Fishery pond, TseminyuShri. Nrilo KhingTseminyuRs.5.00
15Piggery farm at Kashanyu VillageShri.Jochinilo SemyTseminyuRs.12.00
16Dairy & Poultry farm Zisunyu villageSoluzu KentTseminyuRs.5.00
17To start a Fishery farm at ZunphaAbel KentTseminyuRs.5.00
18Financial Assistant for Construction of Fishery Pond at Padumpukuri dimapurTemsukabaDimapurRs.9.00
19Financial Assistant for Development of Fishery Pond at ChumukedimaAmonglaDimapurRs.15.00
20Construction of Community fishery Vikuho Village DimapurDavid. A. SwuDimapurRs.50.00
21Piggery Dimapur Farm Selouphe Village,Zochunilo SemyDimapurRs.50.00
22Fishery at Shokhuvi DimapurS.Heshelo KapoDimapurRs.50.00
23Fishery at DimapurKenneth, T.74 Officers Hill KohimaDimapurRs.15.00
24Construction of Fishery Pond 3rd Mile DimapurTekito K.YeptoDimapurRs.20.00
25Piggery Farm at Razaphe Village DimapurVituolieDimapurRs.20.00
26Piggery farming Nihokhu Village DimapurBenjongDimapurRs.20.00
27Dairy Farming DimapurBenjongDimapurRs.50.00
28Poultry farming New WokhaEsther KithanWokhaRs.60.00
29Fishery Project Naga Colony DimapurJunoDimapurRs.50.00
30Fishery Project Pimla DimapurVikuto AssumiDimapurRs.30.00
31Fishery Project Seithekiema DimapurThejasalie AngamiDimapurRs.30.00
32Fishery Project Reeziephema DimapurAlbert AngamiDimapurRs.30.00
33Fishery Project Moawa DimapurVikhonilDimapurRs.30.00
34Fishery Project Tenyiphe DimapurVikie AngamiDimapurRs.30.00  
35Fishery Project Seithekiema Basa DimapurRuulenuoDimapurRs.30.00
36Fishery Project old Showuba DimapurNukshisonglaDimaputRs.30.00
37Construction of Fishery Pond PadamphukriDavid SwuDimapurRs.25.00
38Development of Community Fishery Hebron Colony DimapurDr.AnthonyDimapurRs.30.00
39Integrated Poultry & Fishery DimapurV.AlbertDimapurRs.80.00
40Fishery Development at medziphema DimapurYoungtsulaDimapurRs.50.00
41Development of Fishery Prond at Diezhephe Dimapur (E/W 3247.36 Cum)Timika, Deizhephe DimapurDimapurRs.10.00
42Construction of Piggery and Poultry Farm at Thilixu DimapurEsrealDimapurRs.60.00
43Development of Fishery Project Seithekiema”B”(E/W 6423.98 Cum)ChinihDimapurRs.20.00
44Development of Fishery Pond at Dimapur (E/W3247.36 Cum)Seukathung State V.P. BJPDimapurRs.10.00
45Construction of fishery ponds at Seithekima “C” DimapurBinito, SeithekimaDimapurRs.20.00
46Setting up of fishery pond Nuiland Dimapur(1160 Cum)  Chuba  NuilandDimapurRs.20.00
47Construction of fishery pond at Tenyiphe DimapurVidil VictorDimapurRs.50.00
48Development of fishery Pond at Burma CampZasivikhoDimapurRs.30.00
49Development of Fishery Pond at BadeTete KhaloDimapurRs.35.00
50Construction of fishery Pond at NagarbariBenjongDimapurRs.15.00
51Construction of fishery Pond at Tenyiphe  A KhelVictor Angami.DimapurRs. 15.00
52Development of Fishery Project at Tuolazou village Dimapur  Setalu  Dimapur  Rs.40.00
53Construction of Community Fishery at Dr.Haralu Colony Dimapur  K.F.Zeliang  Dimapur  Rs.30.00
54Development of Keza Fishery Project at Metha Colony, Signal Angami Dimapur  Kuolie Metha  DimapurRs.110.16 1stInstl
55Development of Aguonuo fishery Project at Razaphe Village DimapurAguonuo, Razhaphe Village Dimapur  DimapurRs.131.96 1st Instl
56Development of N.Putsere Fish and fish seed Production farm at Sovima Village  Keduo Sovima Village  Dimapur122.33 1st Instl
57Innovative Project for construction of Integrated Fisheries Project at Burma Camp  Vikuolie Burma Camp Dimapur  DimapurRs.68.48 1st Instl
58Construction of Fishery Ponds with Protection at Jasokie Colony Dimapur  Kiven Jasokie  DimapurRs.45.00
59Development of Keza Fishery Project at Metha Colony, Signal Angami Dimapur  Kuolie Metha  DimapurRs.36.72 2nd & final Instl
60Development of Aguonuo fishery Project at Razaphe Village Dimapur  Aguonuo, Razhaphe Village Dimapur  DimapurRs.43.98 2nd & final Instl
61Development of N.Putsere Fish and fish seed Production farm at Sovima Village  Keduo Sovima Village  DimapurRs.40.78 2nd & Final Instl
62Innovative Project for construction of Integrated Fisheries Project at Burma Camp  Vikuolie Burma Camp Dimapur  DimapurRs.22.83 2nd & Final Instl
63Construction of Fishery pond at Lhotovi village DimapurPikatoDimapurRs.25.57
64Construction of Fishery Pond at Nihoto Village DimapurTokavi SemaDimapurRs.3.30
65Piggery Farm at DimapurKangkieDimapurRs.2.00
66Fishery Pond at DimapurHaipeulungDimapurRs.2.00
67F/A to set up of poultry farmKarmeren Jamir 49 years/M MedziphemaMedziphema DimapurRs.1.00
68Piggery farming Project at Medziphema TownAmang & bro’s Medziphema TownMedziphema DimapurRs.2.00
69Setting up of Piggery farmShri. Mar AierDimapurRs.2.00
70F/A for setting up of Piggery farm at Thahekhu VillageShri. EdwardDimapurRs.2.00
71F/A for setting up of Piggery farm at Sugar Mill area DimapurShri. AaronDimapurRs.2.00
72Setting up of Piggery farm at DimapurShri. Zhetovi ChophiDimapurRs.3.00
73Fisheries Seithekema, Gaili,Dieziephe(1).MBodi (2) Alao (3) RenDimapurRs.45.00
74Piggery farm Seluophe DimapurSmti. NeinoDimapurRs.5.00
75F/A for setting of fishery pond at JalukieShri. Hainkieng, Chairman old Jalukie Village.Peren  Rs.  8.00
76Setting up of Piggery farm at JalukiShri. L.ZeliangPerenRs.12.00
77Fishery pond, Heningkunglwa PerenShri.UkhruzoPerenRs.5.00
78Piggery Farm at PerenShri. TongPerenRs.2.00
79Setting up of Piggery farm at Nkwareu Village PerenShri.N.WilungliuPerenRs.1.50
80Setting up of Piggery farm at Jaluki townShri. AhinglePerenRs.2.00
81Development of PiggeryNino Khate Secretary Dorcas Society MedziphemaPerenRs.2.00
82Poultry farm at PerenMaswangmaPerenRs.2.00
83Strengthening of Dairy farms (3 Units) at PerenLamlunglePerenRs.60.00
84Construction of Fishery pond at Jalukie (2 Units)Sanuo & GumsiPerenRs.50.00
85Construction of fishery at Jalukie PerenIdai LungalangPerenRs.20.00
86Animal Feeds Mill in two district of Peren & Pfutsero (2010-11)N. KhronouPeren & PhekRs. 50.00
87Animal Feeds Mill in two district of Peren & Pfutsero (2011-12)N. KhronouPeren & PhekRs. 50.00
88Financial Assistant for Construction of Watchmen House around the fishing Pond at Tzurang ValleyImkongtoshiMokokchungRs.10.00
89Financial Assistant for Setting up of Piggery Farm at MokokchungYanger AoMokokchungRs.5.00
90Integrated Piggery Tuli MokokchungAlangla AoMokokchungRs. 50.00
91Community Fishery at Medemyim village MokokchungMedemyimMokokchungRs.30.00
92Skill Development and Training for Women Group at Mokokchung (Tailoring, Poultry, Piggery)  ILTWANA SocietyMokokchungRs.100.00
93Piggery Farm at Chuchu town MokokchungSentiMokokchungRs.20.00
94Construction of Fishery Pond at MokokchungShri.LipokMokokchungRs.70.00
95Fishery project at Tsurang (2010-11)Chuba Tenzuti SocietyMokokchungRs.25.00
96Fishery project at Tzurang Valley (2011-12)Chuba TenztiMokokchungRs.25.00
97Integrated Piggery & fishery at Changki Village.S.Chuba PongenMokokchungRs.50.00    
98Improvement of Poultry Farm, Hatchery Unit & Poultry Unit Manufacturing Unit  Poultry farm Mokokchung  Mokokchung  Rs.1.80
99Setting up of Piggery farmK.SorityTuensangRs.3.00
100Construction of Fishery Project at TeunsangAyakumTuensangRs.65.00
101Construction of three Fisheries at TuensangKhoiwanf President ENPOTuensangRs.20.00
102Fishery at Yokha Village Tuensang (Noklak ADC)S.Buchon KhaimiunganTuensangRs. 25.00
103Development of Fishery Pond Upper Baghty (977.40 Cum)Nchumo Yanthan Lakhuti VillageWokhaRs.25.00
104Development of Fishery Pond, Wokha(618.30 Cum)Lisathung WokhaWokhaRs.20.00
105Conastruction of Fishery pond Lakhuti village Wokha (831.60 Cum)Sarhongthung Yanthang Lakhuti villageWokhaRs.20.00
106F/A for Setting up of piggery farm at Okotso VillageShri. Wobemo ShitiriWokhaRs. 5.00
107F/A for upgradation of existing Piggery farm at Ehamo Wokha.Maratha LothaWokhaRs.2.00
108Development of Fishery Project at Upper Baghty village wokha  Limathung Upper  Wokha  Rs.30.00
109Construction of fishery ponds at Baghty valley Wokha (2490 Cum)Sentahno CeliliaWokhaRs.40.00
110Construction of Fishery Pond Mon (E/W 4941Cum) Croching village MonLoaka KonyakMonRs.15.00
111Piggery farmShri.Ghuto Kinimi Lumithsam Village, AkulutoZunhebotoRs.5.00
112Development of Fishery Project Natsumi Village (E/W 6423.98 Cum)Kahiho Swu Natsumi VillageZunhebotoRs.20.00
113Setting up of goat farm at Phugi VillageZani-o Chakesang Village Council Chairman Phugi VillagePhekRs.1.00
114Development of fishery Project at Tewami village PhekVikhotsoPhekRs.35.00
115PiggeryTesovilie RupreoTseisemaRs.2.00
116Fishery pond, NihokhuShri. KekhrielieselieNihokhuRs.10.00
117Expansion of Fishery pond and to organize angling competition  Shri. Lipok Jamir Rs.3.00
118Up-gradation of Fishery farm at Ura VillageShepotso Rs.5.00
119Construction of community fishery pond at DunkiShri. Vido Rs.3.00
120Poultry and Goatery farmingVisalie Kacko Rs.1.50
121Piggery FarmThokhape koza Rs.3.00
122Piggery FarmHeichuhingle Rs.5.00
123Piggery FarmKeripile Rs.2.00
124Piggery FarmPangkum Konyak Rs.5.00
125Renovation and Up-gradation of Chicken farmLashika N.Awomi Rs.5.00
126Fishery ProjectShri. C.Temjen Lkr Rs. 5.00
127Piggery FarmAtsolie Rs. 3.00
128Fishery PondNeijkehetuo Sahu Rs.3.00
129Setting up of Piggery FarmVekuto Rs.8.00
130Development of Fishery ProjectSokroy ringa Rs.5.00
131Development of Fishery ProjectRambamo Lotha Rs.2.00
132Development of Fishery ProjectNchumbemo Rs. 2.00
133Development of Fishery ProjectRenchothung Rs.2.00
134Development of Fishery PondPishiam Rs.5.00
135Development of Fishery ProjectMolai Rs.4.00
136Development of Fishery ProjectMetdau Phom Rs.3.00
137Development of Fishery ProjectKhwewe Rs.5.00
138Fishery Pond, Sanning VillageSmti. Alemla Imchen Rs.2.00
139Construction of Fishery PondAlbert Angami Rs.4.00
140Dairy FarmingMs Bensinle Semy Rs.6.04
141Poultry FarmShri.Ayhunlo Tep Rs.3.32
142Fishery PondShri.Gwakvu Rs.5.55
143Poultry FarmAloto Rs.4.00
144F/A for Dairy FarmingPhelukhwe Kirha President SAPO Rs.1.00
145PiggeryShri.Wepe Rs.3.50
146FisheryShri.Bedu Rs.4.00
147Construction of Fishery Kevijau Dimapur DimapurRs.30.00
148Setting up of Fishery Fish production & Hatchery Unit Sangtemtila Village Dimapur DimapurRs.50.00
149Construction of Fishery Dimapur DimapurRs.100.00
150Fishery Project Razhaphe Dimapur DimapurRs.25.00
151Live Stock and Piggery Development Dimapur DimapurRs.200.00
152Integrated Farming Jalukie Peren PerenRs.100.00