By Arsashi Ozukum|

As the whole world continues to battle this COVID-19 pandemic and with this rising numbers of positive cases in our state as well, seeing Mokokchung my homeland without any positive cases thus far, is a miracle. We are all aware of how deadly this virus is. We know how this virus started from the Wuhan province in China and started its global journey to our very own state. We are faced with uncertainty because there is no vaccine for this COVID-19 virus.

But thus far, our beloved Mokokchung has been saved. Mokokchung, a land loved every citizen – irrespective of tribe, community or religion – has been persistently showing support to contain the virus. From every nook and corner of the town and the district, the citizens – leaving aside all differences – have come forward which is overwhelming and praiseworthy.

Led by the administration, Medical dept, police dept, Church, CSOss and everyone in general, Mokokchung is putting up a colossal effort leaving no stone unturned and going through every minute detail in the working system giving the much needed support. The extended monetary, physical assistance, the logistical and prayer support rendered by the citizens surely is a tremendous morale boaster for the frontline workers who are relentlessly giving everything at hand. Citizens from across town have come forward in great ways: we have seen volunteers sewing masks, students busy preparing hand sanitizers, local engineers designing and making ingenious incinerators, tech experts designing apps for online local marketing, business community under the aegis of MCCI reaching out to the neighbours (Tuensang) besides their help to the local populace, legislators cutting across party lines from Mokokchung coming together to improve the healthcare institutes, churches not only providing rations but also ceaselessly praying for the nation and the like; these are just to name a few. These collective efforts have made a huge difference in combating the battle successfully.

Amidst all these collective efforts, Mokokchung would like to praise the stranded citizens who have arrived to our hometown and are being quarantined in the different quarantine centres. It is really gratifying to learn from the frontline workers here in Mokokchung that you have been showing the utmost discipline and decency in your behaviour and have also comprehended the overall situation as responsible citizens.

We thank you most for adhering to the SOP guidelines and being disciplined in following strict pandemic protocols because of which our Mokokchung so far is COVID19 free.

While acknowledging you all, we also understand the hardship and the tensions that you (and us) all are going through in this tough times. But yet again, we thank you for your tolerance. The room you stay may not be prepared and arranged as of your likings or food not served as tasty as at home; but surely the food prepared are nutritious and you would go home healthy and full of life ready to contribute to the society again. We thank you for staying safe and us the same. Those due to travel home, we hope you all will be safe and request you to abide by the guidelines laid down for all of us.

Lastly, whatever happens, if tomorrow the virus invades our homeland, let our bondage of love only grow stronger. Let this bring the oneness in us as always. If in any manner people are going through a difficult time during this pandemic, I assure with confidence, all of us are willing to succour as much as possible. Together we can. To the general public also, let us abide by the standard protocol laid down by the government, let us say no to stigmatisation, let us renew our faith in God and let the best in us come out us, after all, this is Mokokchung and we will live as one, again.