Kohima, June 17

The kitchen is set up by the Kohima district task force and supported by the Kohima Baptists Pastors’ Fellowship.

President of USTK, Kikameren said that by doing this they are able to see how difficult it is for the people those who are here. He said the union have sponsored for the three meals besides offer voluntary servicr.

Preparing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, packing them after cooking and deliver it to the quarantine centres is “not an easy job”, he said. In addition, ‘we have a timeline to meet while preparing for more than 1500’, he added. In spite of all these, he said that they are “happy” to offer their help.  

Additional Deputy Commissioner of the Commissioner’s Office, Limanenla, who is in-charge of the food committee of the DTF, Kohima said that USTK was the first to come forward to sponsor as well as volunteer for the whole day. Other churches have been volunteering from before but the union was first to do both, she added. 

Speaker of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly Sharingain Longkumer, who is also from the Ungma Village, was present at the Bethel Kitchen. He said that the civil society organisations coming forward extending help in time of crisis is a “good signal that only together we can fight this corona”.

On the packed meals was written, “We don’t grow when things are easy. We grow when we face challenges”.