The current pandemic has hiked tremendously all over the world. Given the grave situation globally, everyone is on their heels deliberately trying not to contract COVID-19. With the cases and deaths of extreme numbers increasing in our country daily, Nagaland is also fighting with the cases present at hand.

Mokokchung has had no positive cases so far besides managing the returnees from different states in the various Quarantine Centres of the district. The District Surveillance Team has been doing a phenomenal job under the umbrella of Chief Medical Officer, Mokokchung and the District COVID team headed by District Vector Borne Officer, Mokokchung and District Surveillance Officer.

The virus affects the lungs which decreases the oxygen saturation in the body and is vulnerable especially to older people and young children. Strongly considering the fact that many people doesn’t necessarily show any symptoms although they might have it, otherwise known as asymptomatic patients, a notable idea was proposed by Dr. Akum, District Epidemiologist Mokokchung and Dr. Aonungdok, MPH (Epidemiology & Health Systems) about bringing in an equipment to the district quarantine centres and COVID Hospital which was initiated by Mrs. Tiarenla Jamir, the former President of Rotary Club, Mokokchung.

Consequently, Mokokchung has received 16 Pulse Oximeter equipment donated by Temjenmoa Jamir, the proprietor of Nagaland Minerals and Mines. The Pulse Oximeter is a small device which clips on to the finger to monitor the oxygen level (oxygen saturation) in the body.

Mokokchung will be the first ever district in the state to be utilising and be equipped with this facility. It may be not red that the World Health Organisation (WHO) have just bought 9800 Pulse Oximeters. The District Surveillance Team, front line workers and the people of Mokokchung are immensely grateful to Temjenmoa Jamir for unconditionally assisting the people time and again, not forgetting his valuable contributions and assistance even in the past for various causes or to requests made.