Mokokchung, July 22: TheMokokchungTownLanur Telongjem (MTLT) is much concerned over the deplorable road condition along the National Highway – 2 (Amguri – Mokokchung road) which is causing much hardships to the general public of the district.

This stretch of road is the lifeline for the whole Langpangkong range under Mokokchung district which covers more than thirty villages and four townships. This road is also the economic lifeline for the Longleng district.

Ever since the two-lane road widening project started, the work has been carried out in a snail-paced manner rendering the road totally unfit for travel during the monsoon season. The public are facing untold hardships because of the sludge due to the ongoing works and exacerbated by the monsoon rains.

The sufferings of the villagers have been worsened during this pandemic as the villagers cannot travel to Assam for trading or medical care. The villagers’ only option is to travel to Mokokchung town which is more worrying because of the deplorable road condition. Moreover, during this summer season, when the farmers look forward to earn some profit out of their agriculture produce in the market, the villagers are incurring huge losses as they cannot market their agricultural products in the nearby towns.

Under such circumstances, the MTLT feels deeply for the villagers under Langpangkong range and also the citizens of Longleng district who are going through a tough period especially at a time when the whole society is suffering greatly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The MTLT asserts that good roads are a necessity for the people anywhere and the concern authorities should ensure good motorable roads  be provided to the people.

The MTLT shares our solidarity with the people of Langpangkong Range and Longleng district and respects their resilience in such trying times. The MTLT also deeply appreciates the Langpangkong Tsukong Mungdang Road Coordination Committee (LTM RCC) for taking ownership of the highway and closely monitoring the progress of the development works. The MTLT assures the Langpangkong Tsukong Mungdang (LTM) of our moral support towards their just demand for a well-developed and all weather National Highway 2 at the earliest. The MTLT is ever ready to assist the LTM in any manner, if the situation should necessitate it, towards the alleviation of the hardships of the people due to the deplorable road condition.




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