A joint meeting of four border villages was held on the 23rd of July 2020 at Saringyim village to deliberate on the breakdown of the only connecting bridge (Liangmen bridge) between Longchem and Saringyim.

The village council members from the four villages namely Saringyim, Aonokpu Yimsen, Tsuremmen and Akumen at the meeting discussed that the said bridge broke down since 2016 and expressed their resentment at the state government’s lackadaisical and step brotherly attitude meted out with regard to this issue.

Besides, the inaction of the concerned Road and Bridges department goes to show the negligent attitude towards the people living in the border areas.

The meeting also deliberated how the people suffered due to the collapse of the bridge owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and with borders shut with neighboring Assam, it has become very difficult for the people to procure even basic essentials, besides medical, NAP and IR personnel ferrying medicines and ration has been heavily disrupted.

Therefore, the four village council members at the meeting urged the state government to come to the rescue of the people living at the border areas and take remedial measures by restoring the bridge, the only life line of these villages at the earliest.