A review meeting on Plantation works in Batch-I villages of Changtongya New, Mongsenyimti and Mopungchuket was held on 29th July 2020 at Marepkong Forest Complex, Mokokchung. The meeting was held after the Inspection of all the NFMP Model sites i.e. JAF, JFF, JCF, JCC and PEC in the respective villages by the DFO-cum-DMU Head, Dr.Sentitula (IFS) along with ADMU, FMU Heads, Field staff and DMU Supporting Staff.

                 The FMU Heads of Changtongya and Mokokchung presented their presentation on the status of the plantation works, area covered, Nursery stock and Photo Points of all the Models in their respective villages under Batch-I. Of the three villages under NFMP, only Changtongya New Village has undertaken all the five models i.e. JAF, JFF, JCF, JCC and PEC. Mopungchuket has only two Models i.e. JCC and PEC and Mongsenyimti has undertaken only 3 Models i.e. JAF, JFF and PEC.

As per the work done under NFMP Mokokchung, JAF Model covered an area of about 71.823 hectares where about 33,500 saplings were planted. JFF Model area covered about 30.8262 hectares with approx. 25,726 saplings planted. JCF Model 12.7 hectares of area coverage with approx.  8000 saplings planted. JCC Model area coverage is about 30.0481 hectares with approx. 11,700 saplings planted. PEC Model coverage is about 802.29 hectares with about 17,000 saplings approx. has been distributed for planting. Further action plan which includes Silvicultural Operations and weeding will begin from the month of August.

            The FMU field staff highlighted the issues faced and observations made during the field inspections. Comparatively, with the Covid-19 pandemic Lockdown, the work done till date has been satisfactory.              In the meeting, issues faced during implementation were resolved with adoption of better ways to deal with the remaining works as well as to proceed towards Batch-2 villages with minimal field errors. Therefore, on the whole, the NFMP review meeting ended on a very positive note.