Joint Press Statement

8th Sept 2020

The Office of the Konyak Students’ Union (KSU) and the Ao Kaketshir Mungdang (AKM) issue this joint press statement in regard to the protracted Naga political settlement vis-à-vis the exercise of delimitation of assembly constituencies in the state of Nagaland. In a recently concluded meeting held on 5th Sept 2020 at Mon Town, The KSU and AKM had a threadbare deliberation on various pertinent issues and it has come to an understanding that the two bodies will work together with an utmost respect to all the esteem organizations for peaceful coexistence of all Naga societies. The KSU and AKM closely examine the on going Naga political settlement between the GOI and the Naga National groups and extend full support for amicable solution to the seven decades old political Movement towards our desire for honorable, acceptable and peaceful coexistence which is a top priority.

Secondly, the KSU and AKM have resolved to totally denounce the exercise of De-limitation process in the State of Nagaland till an honorable solution to Naga Political issues is arrive at. Further, the two bodies strongly urge upon the Government that in the event of any circumstantial failure as a result of “imposed” Delimitation process, the KSU and AKM shall not be held responsible and committed to stand tooth and nail if such unwanted term of exercise are imposed upon because it will further destabilized the solemn nature of tribal affiliation and also create division within the society.

Lastly, the KSU and AKM caution the state government that instead of implementing the unwarranted De-limitation process the government should rather initiate sincere, serious and honest execution of the Census program in the State.


(BUMANG KONGYAK)