Dated 22nd Sept 2020

The All Sumi Student’s Union (SKK) and Ao Students’ Conference (AKM) had a consultative meeting on 21st Sept 2020 at the SKK Hiyam, Zunheboto in regard to the pertinent issue that confront our Naga society at the helms. The two bodies had a serious and sincere discussion about the on-going Naga political issue between the Naga Negotiator and the Government of India (GoI) for an honorable, Acceptable and an Inclusive solution to arrive at. It is indeed; very sadden to acknowledge the prevailing situation in our societies where the Naga National workers as well as the Naga civil societies were deeply engage in differences in many fronts which perpetuate directly or indirectly in pursuance to our main objective of achieving our goal towards permanent solution. Therefore, the two bodies appeals to NSCN/GPRN (IM) and the 7 NNPGs to pave a way out and come forward for reconciliation in the interest of Nagas in general and  for the younger generation in  particular.

The SKK and the AKM urged upon the GoI to genuinely assimilate the desired opinion of the general Naga public for attainment of lasting peace towards more than seven decades old protracted political issues rather than keeping the people in dilemma with assurances and promises without any breakthrough pragmatically.

Further, the two bodies also of the view that the process of Delimitation initiated by Govt. of India at this juncture is a wrong step and as a matter of fact implementation of Delimitation will have a severe impact on Naga Solution. The two  bodies makes  it’s clear stand that,  the Naga Political Solution is the foremost and urgent demand by all the Nagas, thus the Govt. of India should  keep the Delimitation on hold and settle the Naga Political issue first.


(HUTOSHE KITS)                                                                                               

President SKK                                                                                                        . 



President, AKM