The Centre for Gandhain Studies and Research (CGSR), Nagaland University, organized a webminar commemorating the 151st birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on October 2. The theme of the webminar was “Mahatma Gandhi and Today’s Youth”.

The Webminar was hosted by Prof. Temjensosang, Director Incharge, CGSR, NU and the special guest was Prof. PradeshiLal, Vice-Chancellor, Nagaland University.

Prof. M.K. Sinha, Department of Economics, Nagaland University who was the keynote speaker in his speech said that the Gandhian philosophy was best suited for the present generation. He said that a healthy and biased lifestyle may look mundane but in the long run it is effective and healthy. He also added that it is essential for the youth of present generation to put their positive energy towards the development of oneself and the nation.

The theme speaker was Prof. Parmanand Singh, Former HOD, Dept of Gandhian Thought, TilkaManjhi Bhagalpur University, Bihar. Prof. Parmanand Singh while speaking at the webminar said that the Gandhian perspective was losing its importance among the youth of today due to the materialistic importance which has dehumanized the individual. He spoke about how young people should indulge in politics but should not participate in politics without understanding the principles of Politics.

Prof. Parmanand spoke about the cardinal thoughts and actions programmes of Gandhi through his letters, writings and speeches.