The Mokokchung Press Club convey our warmest wishes to the outgoing Director of IPR Nagaland, Mr. Limawati Longchar, who, for us, was not only an upright and sincere officer but also a brilliant mentor and an empathetic friend.

His ideals, perspectives and guidance have enthused us all through the years. It has been a privilege and an honour for us to have acquainted with him.

We have seen how he devoted all of his time and energy to lead DIPR Nagaland in fulfilling the department’s vision and mission in the service of the people and how he successfully led DIPR Nagaland to become what it is today – a department par excellence.

His astute leadership, discipline and dedication will always be an inspiration for us and we shall remain forever grateful to him for his support and goodwill towards the Mokokchung Press Club.

Today, we have nothing to offer him in return but it is our sincere prayer that our Almighty God would bless him and his family abundantly. We wish him happiness, good health, and a long and hearty retirement life.