The business community of Mokokchung, Tuensang, Wokha, Zunheboto, Longleng, Noklak and Kiphire districts of Nagaland state have been minutely observing the situation in close coordination with the respective district authorities ever since some Assam based organizations imposed an economic blockade by restricting movement of vehicles along National Highway 702D at Mariani under Jorhat district of Assam.

Much has been discussed about the situation and efforts have been made to resolve the issue, for which we convey our appreciation to all concerned. However, the problem is yet to be resolved and it appears to us that the Assam based organizations imposing the economic blockade at Mariani fails to comprehend the reality of the situation. 

The state of Assam faces afflicting border disputes with all of its neighbouring states. Inter-state border disputes are political in nature, which in the Assam-Nagaland case is exacerbated by historical wrongs, and they can never be resolved by economic blockades imposed by rogue elements. In fact, economic blockades will only strain the age old ties between the people of the two neighbouring states thereby making it impossible to make room for any meaningful discourse to resolve the contentious border issue. 

Moreover, the border dispute between Assam and Nagaland is sub-judice with the matter pending verdict at the honourable Supreme Court of India. Further, forceful obstruction of National Highways and restricting movement of essential commodities are not only illegal but are also flagrant violations of human rights. The government of Assam and the authorities there are very well aware of these glaring facts and they are duty bound to uphold rule of law. 

It is also true that the above mentioned districts of Nagaland affected by the ongoing economic blockade are almost entirely dependent on the markets of upper Assam, with Jorhat in particular, for our trade and commerce. While the ongoing economic blockade is undeniably causing much inconvenience to the affected Nagaland districts, it is rather damning for the economy and the business community of upper Assam. The economic blockade is not going to starve us to death, let alone make us submit to the whims of a few anti-social elements marauding like goons at Mariani, Assam. If the economic blockade is not lifted soon, it is apparently clear that the business community including traders and farmers in upper Assam would confront those reprobates imposing the illegitimate and meaningless blockade at Mariani. 

We earnestly appeal to the conscience of the peaceful and right thinking citizens of Assam, the government of Assam, the authorities at Jorhat and the business community of upper Assam to intervene and persuade those responsible for this pathetic drama to lift the economic blockade. It is unfortunate that a few individuals with vested interests have taken to ransom the people of the two neighbouring states. Let good sense prevail and ensure that local assembly constituency political interests do not sever the cordial ties between the two peoples enjoyed since time immemorial. 

The business community of the above mentioned Nagaland districts view this economic blockade imposed at Mariani very seriously and assert that we will find alternative means of doing our business by looking beyond Jorhat and upper Assam. Economic blockades are not good for business.