Mokokchung, June 13: In view of the surging cases of COVID-19 in Mokokchung and also the reported hardships being faced by the COVID patients, their families and also the healthcare workers in this pandemic, the Mokokchung Town Lanur Telongjem (MTLT) has activated a ‘Helpline’ to assist the people in every possible way.

This Helpline is being activated solely for the purpose of assisting the COVID-19 patients in Mokokchung town irrespective of tribe, community or religion.   It is an endeavour to alleviate the hardships of the patients and also the much stressed healthcare workers in dissemination of information and render assistance in every possible way.

The MTLT is quite alarmed at the spike in the COVID-19 cases and deaths in Mokokchung over the past few weeks. The MTLT understands that it was just a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘how’ this virus would reach our very own doorsteps. And we were also of the idea that the healthcare infrastructure in Mokokchung had been fully organized to tackle this pandemic given the fact that the year 2020 – the year of total lockdown – was enough time to prepare for facing this eventuality. However, it is very sad to experience the rampage of the virus in the society. 

Therefore, the MTLT, as concerned citizens, paid a visit to the IMDH, Mokokchung and held a healthy discussion with the MS Dr. Limatula Aier. The MTLT is very appreciative of all the healthcare workers at IMDH – the 24 doctors inclusive of the MS, the 67 nurses, the few lab technicians, attendants, the security guards, ambulance drivers and everyone – who have been rendering their services thus far.

The MTLT is also pained to learn that manpower at IMDH is overstretched and overstressed because many of the doctors, nurses and technicians have also been infected with the virus in their line of duty and are presently undergoing treatment.

Under such circumstances, the MTLT appeals the government to take a serious look at Mokokchung COVID-19 scenario and render a humane approach to the distress of the people and the healthcare workers in this unprecedented time of human history.

In this regard, the MTLT strongly urges the government to release those appointed IMDH doctors who are presently attached to other ‘COVID-19 District Task Force’ so that the overworked IMDH healthcare workers can be given a breather. The MTLT also appeals the government to recruit some lab technicians for the IMDH on a priority basis for contingency and also additional TrueNat machines to cope with the rising number of cases.

Meanwhile, the MTLT urges every citizen of Mokokchung not to spread rumours or stigmatize the COVID-19 patients or their families, the healthcare workers but render wholehearted cooperation with the concern authorities. The MTLT urges the citizens to understand that ‘every little help matters’ in such times like this. The MTLT is sure that this pandemic will surely pass, that humanity will prevail eventually, and that one day we would sit together and speak of the times now and how we overcame this pandemic through love, understanding and cooperation.