Downright effrontery of some “national workers” are indescribable. At a time when Mokokchung is, as is the whole world, fighting the pandemic and barely keeping the wheels of economic activity in motion; when the business ecosystem has been abruptly disrupted and traders have been forced to bear the brunt of prolonged lockdowns; when the susceptible local economy has been brought to a grinding halt and sellers in the market are staring at the undesirable prospect of going bankrupt; when the very lives, health, wellbeing and livelihood of traders and daily wage earners are enveloped by fear, chaos, financial stress and uncertainty, there are some gun toting scroungers trying to pillage the market and loot innocent, hardworking, productive citizens – the business community.

The inane impudence of some “national workers” with the audacity to demand “tax” during these trying times is totally unacceptable and the Mokokchung Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) will not tolerate it one bit.

Numerous factions are coercing the traders to pay “tax” these days while some are vying to levy “item wise tax” or whatever that means.  Mokokchung is a formal market and not a board game where you bend the rules as you please.

The business community of Mokokchung under the banner of MCCI will not tolerate extortion in the market. The general public may consider this as prior information that MCCI will rather shut our businesses than pay extortion.

Police and law enforcing agencies should not be caught off guard.

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