MCCI president, Tsukti Longkumer (right) formally launched a new tea product ‘Mopungchuket Orthodox Tea’ produced by young entrepreneur Imsusunep Jamir (left) on September 13. (Courtesy: Limalenden Longkumer)

A new locally produced tea product was launched today by Tsukti Longkumer, president of Mokokchung Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI). The person behind the new tea product is Imsusunep Jamir, a young entrepreneur who manufactures the product with raw materials sourced from his own tea garden at Mopungchuket village.

Branded as Mopungchuket Orthodox Tea, the tea leaves are 100% handmade and organic and is priced at Rs.75 per packet of 100 grams. Mopungchuket Orthodox Tea will be initially available at three leading retail outlets in Mokokchung, namely Tea Hub, A3 Provision Store and Mixed Bag. Imsusunep Jamir said that market presence of the tea product will be expanded slowly and multiple additions will be made to their product range in the near future, including CTC products. He also said that apart from domestic consumption, his product is also ideal for gift hampers. Interested tea aficionados may also reach Imsusunep Jamir at 9863428546. Imsusunep Jamir is originally a resident of Kohima but is now based in his native village of Mopungchuket to pursue his tea production full time.

Noted entrepreneur and MCCI president Tsukti Longkumer while launching the new tea product congratulated Imsusunep Jamir and expressed his willingness to mentor the young entrepreneur.