The Executive Engineer,

                Electrical Division (Dept. of Power)

                Mokokchung. Nagaland.

Sub:      Complaint Against Irregular and Erratic Power Supply


                The Mokokchung Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) hereby register our utmost disapproval of the unmitigated irregular and erratic power supply in Mokokchung which is not only causing immense inconvenience and hardship to the consumers in general but is also directly responsible for accruing heavy commercial losses and accumulating debts among the members of the business community, especially of those businesses dependent on electricity. Mokokchung has been experiencing recurrent power cuts these days, often happening not less than 5 times in a matter of 60 minutes, resulting in damages caused to electronic appliances, tools and machineries. Is the power department ready to pay compensation for these damages?

                In an ideal scenario, all consumers would willingly pay for 24×7 uninterrupted and stable power supply. Such a scenario, unfortunately, is a far cry from the reality of Nagaland today whose citizens are apparently destined to never experience the luxury of regular power supply in their lifetime! Be that as it may, MCCI would expect the power department of the government of Nagaland to at least demonstrate a certain level of proficiency and competence in discharging their duty in the service of the people to lessen the predicament of irregular and erratic power supply to the least extent possible.

                If it is unreasonable to expect uninterrupted and stable power supply, it is suggested that the concerned department at least regulate the load shedding periods. To that effect, the department may introduce a weekly or fortnightly periodic load shedding schedule and disseminate the information of the same to the consumers. Random load shedding and unscheduled power outages not only causes inconvenience to the consumers and business losses to the industries but also exhibits naked ineptness of the power department.

Yours faithfully,

(Tsukti Longkumer)   

President, MCCI