Tabernacle, a technology start-up based in Nagaland that specializes in developing Church Technology Products, today announced the launch of their company website

The site offers details about the company, features of their product, and contact information.

Tabernacle has invited visitors to explore the website and also sign up for their newsletter to receive the latest updates such as product releases and feature upgrades. 

Quote from Co-founder Atoba Longkumer: “We’re really excited to be building a SaaS product in Nagaland to empower Church leaders with powerful technology tools to better serve and manage their Church. Today, we’re living through the single biggest communication shift in the last 500 years since the invention of the printing press. Using our technology and the internet, Churches will be able to communicate more effectively to their congregation even beyond the Sunday Services and that too, through a tap on the screen.”

Quote from Co-founder Vituonuo Suohu: “We are committed to serving our Churches through our products & services. Also at the core end, we are a technology company that is constantly striving to create highly differentiated products. We believe that creating a strong design & engineering culture right here in Nagaland will certainly induce the spirit of innovation. We are currently iterating with 2 Churches and planning a Beta launch by July 2022.

About Tabernacle:

Tabernacle is Nagaland’s first SaaS (Software as a Service) Technology Company that provides Integrated Cloud-based Software and Mobile Apps for Churches & Ministries to become future-ready through an all-in-one digital solution.

With Tabernacle, every Church or Ministry can digitize all their admin workflows, reduce paperwork, automate processes like member management, online tithes collection, send instant notifications to their members, and create an inspiring and spiritual experience for their congregation.

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