It has been brought to the notice of the Mokokchung Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) that there are some industrial units like Iron & Steel Fabrication, Saw Mills, Furniture House, Motor Workshops, Stone Crushers, Rice Mills, Bricks Kilns and other industrial units functioning in Mokokchung District without obtaining proper license/registration from the Chief Inspector of Factories, Government of Nagaland which is an offense under Section 6 of the Factories Act, 1984 and is punishable under the provisions of the Act with an imprisonment which can be extended up to 6 (six) months or a fine which can be extended to Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees fifty thousand) only or with both.

Consequently, the Labour Commissioner of Nagaland has on April 25, 2022 through a circular informed that mandatory prerequisite registration of all units listed under Section 6 of the Factories Act, 1984 shall be verified, validated and enforced for strict compliance.

In this regard, Deputy Commissioner of Mokokchung, Shashank Pratap Singh IAS, has in a circular dated May 11, 2022 directed all the proprietors and managers of industrial units within Mokokchung district operating or functioning without proper license or registration to immediately obtain necessary permits from the Chief Inspector of Factories, Government of Nagaland, without further delay.

Therefore, this is to inform all concerned to obtain proper license or due registration with the competent authority immediately, failing which MCCI will not be responsible for addressing the grievances of any aggrieved party in this respect and the defaulters will be on their own in the face of law.


Tsukti Longkumer,

President, MCCI