Ao Senden is well aware of the current Naga political predicament. There is already too much animosity, distrust and cynicism weighing down the Naga society today. As such, Ao Senden would like to make it very clear that blame game is not going to win us anything but instead weaken the Naga cause.

The reemergence of war of words between NSCN (IM) and Dr. SC Jamir as widely circulated in the media in recent days is not healthy and will do more harm than good to the Nagas. It will be more prudent on the part of all concerned to think wisely before going to the media with allegations and counter allegations as it is only going to weaken the Naga case before the world and at the same time create more division and discord among the Nagas.

Ao Senden would also like to reiterate our earlier stand that the ‘competencies’ that are being negotiated with the Government of India on the basis of the Framework Agreement be made public without any further delay. The Naga people are fatigued by the conflict and are growing more and more impatient with each passing day. Keeping the ‘competencies’ shrouded in secrecy is perhaps the reason why Naga people are losing faith on the ongoing negotiations.