An awareness programme was held at Tuli Range Office on 22nd June, 2022. It was attended by Village Council Chairmen, Secretaries and Village council members of the villages surrounding Tuli and Milak Industrial Zone. They are Wameken, Merangkong, Kangtsüng, Luyong, Chubarongpang, Aopenzü and all ward union attended the same.

10000 (Ten thousand) tree saplings of Fast and Mixed species of Melia, Bogipoma, Titachapa and Khokon were given to the Tree farmers. The programme was jointly organised by the Mill owners of Tuli Industrial zone and Forest Department. A Green Belt Committee is formed in the division to safeguard the Forest and sustain Livelihood.

Keynote address was given by Ailong Phom Range Officer, Tuli. He expressed that Tuli area is one of the most potential area in the state, blessed with many natural resources coupled with geographical convenience and easy accessibility. He emphatically noted that every good blessing comes with huge responsibility therefore using natural resources and the conservation should go hand in hand.

Raju Lahoti the president of the Green Belt Committee in his speech mentioned that the Mill owners association has full confidence with the forest department programmes and initiatives and assured full support in all efforts towards conservation and enhancement of Livelihood.

The Divisional Forest Officer, Dr. Sentitula IFS, Divisional Forest Officer, stated that it is the responsibility of all the stakeholders to plant more trees to Restore and replenish and at the same time to sustain Livelihood. She stated that the Green Belt Committee formed under the division in collaboration with the Mill owners of the Industrial Zones under the district and this committee has been constantly working towards Re-storing of Forest Conservation and enhancement of Livelihood of the people in the area through various activities.

The Committee has been assisting the tree farmers in plantation works and the activity of the committee for this year is to award best farmer based on the overall performance rate of the plantation.