Financial Participatory Approach (FPA) is implemented for the first time in India in the State of Nagaland and is one the few countries in the world to be tired on. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for the state to successfully implement and get recognition worldwide.

The Financial Participatory Approach (FPA) under the Project titled ‘Forest and Biodiversity Management in the Himalayas, Nagaland’, co-financed by the Federal Republic of Germany through KFW (German Development Bank), conducted three contests through FPA in 5 villages (Waromong/Alongkima/Dibuia/Mongchen/Khar) from May 14 to July 4 under Mangkolemba Range, Mokokchung.  

The main objectives of the project were not only to conserve biodiversity but also to promote Livelihood Opportunities of Forest Dependent Communities. This project aims in putting in place incentive mechanism rewarding communities for effectively protecting and maintaining their CCAs.  

  1. The first contest was categorized into Storytelling & Drawing Competition with the theme ‘Living with Nature’. Storytelling contest was conducted for 18yrs & above and drawing contest for children below 18 yrs. Some eye catching narrations from the storytelling contest was about how an educated family brought an awareness to the whole village community towards the conservation of nature including both flora & fauna, about an environmentalist family and how through their optimistic ideas was able to preserve and restore their forest from further degradation.
  2. The second contest was organized under the theme ‘Sustainable infrastructure Creation relating to nature conservation’. The selected project implemented were construction of drainage system & retaining wall, metaling of road, Construction of Water Harvesting Structures & Construction of Guest House which will be financed by the KFW.
  3.  The third contest was organized under the theme ‘Bio diversity based sustainable livelihood’. The winning activities implemented in the five villages were Mixed Crop farming, Straw paddy mushroom, Piggery Farming, Nongnang Enterprise (Honey Bee Rearing) & Mini Silkworm which will proceed after the fund requisition.

Village Level Working Group (VLWG) and Jury were formed in all the villages. VLWG is crucial in organized contests and the Jury for judging competition and selecting winners. From these three contests all sections of the village participated and the best five were selected and awarded cash prizes with certificates. All the three contests were attended by the Facilitator and Support Team.