Felicitation of medal winner from the District at Nagaland Olympic & Paralympics during Mokokchung DPDB meeting held on 19th Sept. 2022 at ADC planning conference hall Mokokchung.  (DPRO Mokokchung)

Mokokchung District Planning and Development Board (DPDB) meeting for the month of September was held at ADC (Planning) conference hall on 19th Sept. 2022 under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner & Vice Chairman, DPDB Mokokchung, Shashank Pratap Singh, IAS.

Status report and discussion on the following agenda was held during the meeting, Repair & maintenance of district hospital road, IMDH Mokokchung, constitution of Verification Committee for LADP 2022-23, Bailey bridge, Mokokchung to Tuensang NH-202, Multi Sport Complex, Water Task Force Mokokchung.

As an encouragement to the sportspersons, the Board felicitated the medal winner from the district at the recently concluded Nagaland Olympic & Paralympics during the meeting.

Consideration of Indian National Autocross Championship (INAC) motor sport event to be held in the district as a district event was also put forwarded. A power point presentation on the activities of the department was delivered from the Department of Social Welfare.

The board also recommended the opening of Soulhouse Academy, Tongdentsuyong, and registration of the following new societies – Terai Nukla Society (Artang Ward, Mkg), Mangmetong Cultural Society (Mongsenbai, Ward Mkg), Wasapong Society (Kumlong Ward, Mkg), Lasit Society (Alempang Ward, Mkg), Shalom Tribal Trust Society (Alempang Ward, Mkg), Ajungmesor Society (Mangmetong), Tepenjem Society (Mangmetong), Yongpang Society (Mangmetong), Sangpong Society (Mangmetong), Loyangpokjen Society (Mangmetong), Jeningchet Society (Mangmetong), Arongtsung Society (Mangmetong), Sensen Society (Mangmetong), The Change Society (Mangmetong), Arok Reju Society (Mangmetong).

(Courtesy: DPRO Mokokchung)