A Training Centre for Differently Abled Persons, was inaugurated in Care and Support Society Office, Mokokchung by Sharingain Longkumer, Hon’ble Speaker, Nagaland Legislative Assembly, On 8 october, 2022.

Care and Support society is a Non-Governmental organization established in 1995, registered in the year 2001. Currently, there are 5 programmes under C&SS, namely Mobile ICTC, Family Counselling Centre, Targeted Intervention (TI), Childline 1098 and Children Home. The Training centre for the Differently abled persons will be the sixth programme initiated by the NGO.

The main objective of instituting the training centre is to help the different abled persons, discover their abilities and to train them with various vocational training which will, help them earn a livelihood. Thereby, empowering them and making society, an absolutely inclusive society for them.

In the same programme, 3 PwD beneficiaries were given sewing machines which were donated by Shri sharingain Longkumer and Mrs Bonita Gurung. “The imaginative power of a differently abled person is enhanced better than an normal person….. any art created by disabled persons ,through the training provided by the training centre, will be helped to promote by me and my family”, Sharingain, added.