To,                                                                                           Date:

The Deputy Commissioner,

Mokokchung, Nagaland.

Subject: Ultimatum to repair the road leading to Dr. Imkongliba Memorial District

Hospital from main Police Point to Sewak Gate.


With respect to the subject cited above, the four (wards) that is Penli Ward, Majakong Ward, Lijaba Lijen Ward and Artang Ward of Mokokchung Town is compelled to serve this ultimatum before your authority and all concerned, as we are deeply pained by your ignorance towards our appeal.

That on 23rd August, 2022, we made a representation before you and to all the concerned for repairing and maintenance of Dr. Imkongliba Memorial District Hospital Road starting from Main Police Point to Sewak gate Junction which is only about 2 km but it was ignored by your authority.

That, nothing have been intimidated of the Joint Statement made by the undersigned  on 27th September, 2022 regarding the initiative progress of the said road repairing.

That, on 17th November, 2022, we made an appeal to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Nagaland through your authority, which was never responded.

That, with all the ignorance shown by the concerned authority, we are deeply grieved towards the ill-attitude of those who are elected and assigned to look after the welfare of the citizens.

Therefore, we unanimously resolve that if the concerned authority does not respond positively within six (six) days after the service of this ultimatum, we will block the said road starting from Main Police Point to Sewak Gate Junction unconditionally.

Sd. Sd.

(Imlikumzuk)                                                                         (Lanulemba Longchar)

   President                                                                                       President

Penli Ward Youth Association                                       Majakong Ward Youth Association

Sd. Sd.

(Nungsangyanger)                                                                 (Lanunungsang)

      President                                                                                 President

Lijaba Lijen Ward Youth Association                    Artang Ward Ward Youth Association