Deputy Commissioner, Mokokchung, Sashank Pratap Singh, IAS, has informed that the Micro Plan Special Enrolment Drive for beneficiaries under the Chief Minister’s Health Insurance Scheme (CMHIS) for Mokokchung will be carried out from December 2nd, 2022, to December 20th, 2022. The schedule for the visit of villages and towns for enrolment (registration and card issuance) will be as follows; Mangkolemba , Tuli, Changtongya Town and Chuchuyimlang Village on 2nd December 2022, Khar, Khangtsung, Akhoya and Ungma Village on 3rd December 2022, Changki, Wameken, Changtongya and Mokokchung Village on 5th  December 2022, Japu, Asangma, Unger and Chuchuyimpang Village on 6th December 2022, Athuphumi, Anaki, Kelingmen and Longkhum Village on 7th  December 2022, Waromung, Merangkong, Yaongyimsen and Mangmetong Village on 8th December 2022, Molungkimong, Aopenzu, Nukshiyim and Khensa Village on 9th December 2022, Dibuia, Longpayimsen,  Longsa and Liro Model Village on 12th December 2022, Yimchenkimong, Chungtiayimsen, Longjang and Chungtia Village on 13th December 2022, Mongchen, Moayimti, Longpa and Aliba Village on 14th December 2022, Lirmen, Aosenden Khanimu and Kupza Village on 15th December 2022, Yajang A and Mupongchuket Village on 16th December 2022, Aonokpu and Sungratsu Village on 19th December 2022, Lakhuni Village on 20th December 2022.