DAPCU, NMP+, TI NGOs, and Mokokchung UN organized “World AIDS Day” on the theme “Equalize” on December 1, 2022, at the Chief Medical Office Conference Hall. The programme was sponsored by the Nagaland State AIDS Control Society (NSACS).

While discussing the significance of the day, Dr. Limatula Aier, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), stated that HIV still continues to be a serious issue. Due to the pandemic, progress on HIV prevention has been stagnant. She urged everyone in attendance to spread the message of HIV prevention as a takeaway mission and to avoid prejudices against HIV and those living with it.

Longtiba Sangtam, SDO Civil, Mokokchung, was the theme speaker. While speaking on the subject, he emphasized the importance of eliminating stigma. Further, he stated that it is because of the stigma that people are reluctant to get tested, to take measures, and to get treated after they are diagnosed as “positive” people.

He also pointed out that there were instances where even health workers were reluctant to treat and take care of HIV-positive people. He urged everyone to spread awareness at the personal, social, and cultural levels by spreading awareness against stigmatizing so that everyone will coexist equally.

A NMP+ person also spoke in the program, stating that, thanks to the help and care of the health worker, he is now living a happy and normal life, as opposed to the initial days when he was depressed after being diagnosed as NMP+ve.