The International Day of Persons with Disabilities was celebrated on November 3, 2022, in the DC Conference Hall (PWD). It was jointly organised by the District Administration, the Department of Social Welfare, the Medical Department, the Education Department, the RD, and the Mokokchung District Disabled Forum (MDDF).

The programme was graced by Shri Chumlamo Humtsoe, Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC), and Electoral Registration Officer, Mokokchung, as the special guest. While speaking to the audience, the special guest stated that the term “disability” implies that it applies to everyone. He stated that everyone is disabled in some way. He said it could also be someone who is dependent on others, especially the educated unemployed who still rely on their parents for their survival. Shri Chumlamo also added that it is all in the mindset. He justified his position by taking the example of Stephen Hawking, who, in spite of his physical limitations, became one of the world’s greatest scientists. He urged all the PwDs to focus and work on the abilities they may be gifted with. He encouraged the PwDs to celebrate their abilities rather than mourn over their disabilities.

An important piece of information was also shared by the special guest, the ERO. In the WEF 2023 election, every PwD who is eligible to vote can cast their vote from their homes. As persons with disabilities, they must contact their local BLO and complete Form 12(D).

Short speeches in the programme were delivered by Smt. Limatula Aier, Chief Medical Officer, and Shri Mangli, District Welfare Officer, Mokokchung.