Governor of Nagaland La Ganesan interacts with government officials and representatives from the civil society during his maiden visit to Mokokchung on April 13, 2023. (Courtesy: DPRO, Mokokchung)

Mokokchung, 13 April: The honourable governor of Nagaland, La Ganesan, visited Mokokchung today, April 13, 2023, and held meetings with the heads of offices and leaders of civil societies in the district.

In his speech, the Governor mentioned that, though it was his maiden visit to the district, he was aware of many good things about Mokokchung district and the Ao community, such as being pioneers in many aspects and fields and also being the cleanest town in the state and also in the North-East.

The Governor mentioned his appreciation to the people of the district for the huge turnout of voters during the recently concluded general election and maintained that there can be rule of law only with the active participation of the people. He reminded the people not to undermine the election process and the electorate if we are to take our society forward.

Touching on basic necessities, the governor said that like education, we must also ensure that other basic services like health care, drinking water, and financial institutions are made available at the doorstep of our citizens, especially for the downtrodden. He also urged the officers of the concerned departments to ensure that the flagship programmes of the government pertaining to basic services are diligently implemented for the welfare of the people. The Governor also requested that the Deputy Commissioner of the District have a periodic review of the implementation of the various schemes and programmes in the district and take necessary action to meet the goals and targets if there are any shortfalls.

The Governor was optimistic that the political problem of Nagaland would be solved and that Nagaland would prosper and be on par with the rest of the country.

Representatives from the Civil Societies, Ao Senden, Watsu Mungdang, AKM, GB Union, All Ward Union, and MCCI shared their grievances and opinions on certain issues related to the ULB Election, Naga Solution, Women’s Empowerment, the Civil Service Project (UPSC aspirant Trust Fund), the Drinking Water Problem in Mokokchung Town, Proper Road Connectivity of all the districts, etc., to which the Governor said that he would draft a letter to the concerned Ministers and Chief Minister and assured that he would do whatever he could in his capacity.  

(Courtesy: DPRO, Mokokchung)