The Ao Kaketshir Mungdang (AKM) expresses deep concern about the high level of violence that is taking place in Manipur and strongly condemns the act of violence and arson which have led to the loss of precious lives and have disrupted the state of normalcy in the region.

The alleged magnitude of these attacks represents a concerning increase in violence. The world is striving for a better world filled with peace and prosperity, but if we look at our North East scenario, it is becoming increasingly pathetic, owing to our people’s tribalism. With such mindset, our community never be able to free ourselves from the shackles of war.

Killing and discriminating against one another will not result in a better solution; instead, we should be wise enough to approach the situation with an open mind. We, therefore, strongly urge all communities and groups to reject violence and respect the law in all circumstances. It should be clear that violence is not the solution.

We also request the Government of India and the state government to take immediate action to address the situation and restore order and stability in the affected area and, above all, to ensure that innocent people are not harmed.

We urge all citizens to remain calm and demand that violence be reduced immediately.