The Nokinketer

"Vitalizing Mokokchung"

Akhi Putu Noksa

All the images are from the book; The Nagas By ALBAN VON STOCKHAUSEN.

A laughing Ao girl photographed by Mills in the 1920s’, wearing rock crystal earrings through her stretched earlobes and a necklace similar to that worn by the women in the modern picture.
The veranda of “Hutton’s Bungalow”, the sub-divisional office at Mokokchung, in the 1920’s.
Longkhum village in the 1920s. all the houses are thatched and built in traditional Ao style. There is a log drum shelter in the front and an inspection bungalow erected by the British at the top of the village
The Moatsü festivities among the Ao photographed by Mills in the 1920s at Ungma.
The sub-divisional office at Mokokchung – “Hutton’s Bungalow” as it is reverently called today – in 1921.
Women dancing with Mildred Archer at a feast of merit. Ao, Ungma Village 1947.
Animist or traditional believers alongside Christian minister in modern dress. Ao Yaongyimsen village. 1936
Large human figure and a row of heads, both human and mithun. AO, Yaongyimsen. 1936
Women with children. Longsa village. 1947
Houses with platforms. Ao, Ungma village. 1946
Men in full dress dancing at the annual ceremony after sowing, the Moatsü. Ao, Ungma Village. 1918-45. JPM SOAS
View of Longsa village showing layout of houses grouped in wards or khels. AO. 1918-45. JPM SOAS
Log gong in shed. AO, Ungma Village. 1947
Girl with hair knotted at back, a brass spiral head ornament and red chilli pods as ear ornaments. Ao, Chungtia Village. 1918-1945, JPM SOAS
Rich man who has completed the full cycle of feast of merit with fine ornaments. The painted band of his cloth is typically Ao. Chuchuyimlang Village. 1936
Women dancing with daos at a feast of merit. Ao, Ungma village. 1947
Host of a feast of merit with his wife and children, Ao Ungma Villgae. 1947
Women and children taking part in the ceremonial tug-of-war during the annual ceremony after sowing, the Moatsü. Ao, Ungma Village. 1918-45. JPM SOAS
Grave stone decorated with mithun. Ao, Ungma Village. 1946
Morung of Mongsen khel. Ao, Longkhum. 1947
Mapang tongshi (time pillar) at Sungkotenem, Mopungchuket (Mokokchung District). Photo credit ~ Aglaja & Peter Van Ham –The hidden world of the Naga living tradition in northeast India & Burma

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